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Sona CBD

Sona CBD’s products use only 100% Natural Oregon Sun-Grown Hemp CBD oil and were crafted with strict standards and attention to our customers’ needs.  Our products are third-party lab tested to ensure the highest quality ingredients and to provide superior transparency

The Sona CBD team is deeply rooted in the commitments to our environmental and social responsibilities by offering only the finest Oregon Sun-Grown Hemp Oil products.  These products support our belief that a CBD-rich life promotes healing and brings relief.  The Sona CBD team firmly believes in the responsibility of ensuring our cultivation, extraction, and product-production processes meet and often exceed current industry standards.

Jan Marini

Jan Marini skincare research is a recognized leader and innovator in skin care that is committed to continually expanding and improving the professional skin care market. Jan Marini’s two primary focuses are to provide innovative technologies that deliver proven measurable results and an unwavering commitment to the ongoing success of our customers

Jan Marini is a winner of more NewBeauty Awards than any other company, and backed by multiple peer-reviewed studies published in medical journals,Jan Marini is committed to ensure products deliver results, by holding their products to this higher standard. Jan Marini creates products that not only transform your skin, but that you’ll will want to use, thereby increasing compliance and maximizing results.

Learn more about all the amazing Jan Marini products and purchase them online directly from the Jan Marini website.

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Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging

Hydrate & Nourish Dry, Brittle Hair

Key Ingredients & Technologies:
CAVIAR Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner are clinically proven to minimize the visible signs of aging. 100% of women showed visible improvement in shine, texture, softness, and manageability after just one use.

Age-Control Complex®, a combination of Caviar Extract, anti-oxidant Vitamin C, and revitalizing Cytokines, infuses the hair with shine, vibrancy, and elasticity resulting in more youthful-looking hair.

Seasilk®, a blend of powerful marine botanicals, provides exceptional moisture & helps repair damage.

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Alterna My Hair My Canvas

Alterna’s new versatile vegan hair care product line.

In creating the new My Hair My Canvas lineup, Alterna also referenced and improved on our much-loved Alterna Bamboo collection of shampoos, creams, and sprays. The resulting collection turned out to be such a worthy Bamboo successor that we’ve decided to sunset the Bamboo line and focus exclusively on our Caviar and My Hair My Canvas collections.

Are you currently using any of our Bamboo products? Don’t worry — Alterna made sure that none of what you love about Bamboo has disappeared. Alterna’s new My Hair My Canvas products perfectly complement and continue to build on our time-tested formulations.

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A smarter way to target hair loss.

Most topical hair loss products contain harsh chemicals and reach only the shallow epidermal layer of the scalp, without addressing the root cause of hair loss.

Zenagen does things differently: We tapped into the power of green tea and other powerful anti-aging ingredients—not harsh irritants—to create a powerful, nutraceutical-based hair loss solution.

Zenagen’s proprietary botanical compounds target the primary cause of hair loss, the hormone DHT, by penetrating into the dermal layer where hair loss occurs. Zenagen removes existing DHT and stops its future production, so the follicle can begin to grow back thicker, fuller and healthier.

Zenagen treats all types of hair loss, including male and female pattern baldness, post pregnancy hair loss, chemotherapy hair loss, and thyroid-related shedding and thinning. Our natural ingredients restore youthful fullness, density, shine and manageability to damaged hair.

True Union

True Union is a re-imagined skincare product that pushes the boundaries to create health-focused, nutrition-powered & science-backed skincare.

True Union to support lasting beauty and vitality by providing revolutionary and nutrition-driven skincare products that support skin and body health.

True Union works by supporting the underlying cellular function and health of the skin. Improving skin health with topical nutrition naturally supports glowing, clear, supple, hydrated, evenly toned and youthful looking skin.

18.21 Man Made

18.21 Man Made is a luxury, vintage-inspired men’s grooming products are crafted with premium ingredients and unique aromas. 18.21 Man Made offers beard care and shaving supplies, hair styling essentials, body washes, deodorants and more. Enhance your grooming experience with hair and body care products made especially for gentlemen.

18.21 Man Made is inspired by the bootlegging of the American prohibition and began to bootleg our own custom grooming mixtures. The 18.21 Man Made namesake is an homage to the 18th amendment which, started the prohibition and was later repealed by the 21st amendment.

The 18.21 Man Made approach is to always provide uncommon goods which, feel uniquely American in nature and provide a nostalgic yet modern grooming experience. And, they meticulously form this experience through the use of exceptional materials, choice ingredients and the custom crafted aroma of sweet tobacco.

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